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forever is just a word.


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and if it all goes crashing into (the sea)

and if it's just you and me (trying to find the light)

☆ABOUT: Linc. aka animesque. still younger than 25. australian. occasionally dabbles in the dark arts fanfiction. amateur photographer. full time procrastinator & neet. part time fangirl. lj status: hiatus. find me on tumblr

☆ADDICTIONS: pretty boys. otps. photography. fandom. sleeping in. friends. music. anime/manga. obnoxious preppy brands. conventions. cosplay. fluff. sport. happily ever after. spending money. randomness. comics. writing. chocolate. daydreaming. pocky. being lazy. ddr. gaming. fast cars. kitties. doujinshi. ralph lauren polo. even prettier boys.

☆FANDOMS: harry potter. initial d. naruto. prince of tennis. trinity blood. trigun. la corda d'oro. bleach. numb3rs. transformers. tantei gakuen q. gyakuten saiban. gintama. detective conan. katekyo hitman reborn. axis powers hetalia. koei warriors. white collar. 07 ghost. star trek reboot. sengoku basara. nurarihyon no mago. criminal minds. ao no exorcist. starry☆sky. supernatural. x-men: first class. ncis:la. noblesse. avengers. justice league. bbc sherlock. grimm. hakuouki shinsengumi kitan. person of interest. suits. once upon a time. a gifted man. kindaichi case files. doctor who. teen wolf. stargate atlantis. stargate. psych. ncis. green lantern. justice league. arrow. skyfall.

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